Dog Walking Southampton Testimonial

Helen & Amber


I was recommended Maria- “Happy dogs”, around a year ago.

I contacted her, stressing I was looking for dog walking in Southampton for my dog Amber, on an adhoc basis.  Maria promptly visited me and my dog, to familiarise herself with my girl.

Maria was instantly adored, by my girl-which provided me, with a huge satisfaction, and left me feeling that she would be happy and safe, cared for, whilst she was out with Maria. I provided Maria, with commands, which were known to Amber, to ensure continuity, and consistency in approaches.

When Maria, took Amber out, she sent me pictures of her, having a great time, playing, as she loves to do-with her new friends.  It became a life she had, and I was content, knowing how happy she was.  Maria always leaves feedback for me, to update me, with how she has been, and who she has played with.

I have, also been fortunate enough, to meet up several times,  and walk with Maria, which provided evidence to observe ,how very happy and excited, Amber is, when she is greeted by Maria. I have observed her during these walks, to be extremely safety conscious, of both the dogs she is walking, being mindful of risks and preventing harm. She is responsible, and extremely reliable.  I love the positive praise and rewards she uses with the dogs, and in return, a waggy tail and bright happy eyes are exchanged!!

Maria is  a fountain of knowledge, and advice for assisting with training, as well as canine behaviour of which I find truly fascinating. Still after 25 years of owning and training dogs, I am in awe of her knowledge and skills. Maria always returns my  girl, ensuring she is suitable to return to the home, contented.- Whilst she onlooks goodbye, looking forward to the next ramble.

I would not hesitate to recommend Maria, to anyone, considering the need for a dog trainer, or walker.


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