Dog Training and Walking Southampton Testimonial


Jamie with his owner!

Jamie with his owner!


Jamie is a 1 year old rescue puppy from a litter of 12, he is my first dog and I have tried as hard as I can to make him the perfect dog.  We attended classes and he learnt to perform lots of tricks, but this didn’t help with his socialising and learning that all dogs can be his friends. He used to bark and pull towards dogs overwhelming them with play bows until an incident with a big scary German Shepard changed his views and made him a very scared rescue dog once again. He lost all his confidence and my mum and I started to lose faith in him ever getting better.

A close friend gave me Maria’s number and told me that she isn’t like other dog walkers as she provides one-on-one training and small pack walks. After my first walk with Maria, she helped me to begin to understand what Jamie was feeling and how I could make him better. Regular walks were scheduled and training was arranged.  Maria regularly sends me beautiful WhatsApp pictures to show me want she and Jamie have been doing, and all training and personalised homework assignments which she writes  in ‘Jamie’s adventure book’.

When applying Maria’s homework techniques I could see a difference straight away, it has helped Jamie’s behaviour improve and helped him to overcome his nervous rescue dog state whilst provided me and my family with invaluable knowledge. She helps provide appropriate equipment like his doggy backpack, which has helped Jamie to stop pulling as much when on lead and use more energy making him less nutty at night and towards other dogs.

Maria’s relationship with Jamie is unbreakable and I trust her completely.  She doesn’t just build a relationship between her and Jamie she builds it within every dog she takes out. I would recommend her ‘Happy Dog’s’ service to everyone because now my Jamie really is a happy dog.

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